For districts that use Group Classifications, District Admin can view all groups that have either:

  • Submitted a Facility Request at their District
  • Requested to be assigned to a Classification

Groups Procedure

1. Select the Users > Manage Groups command from the Left-side toolbar.

The Manage My Groups screen will be displayed that shows all groups in the system that have submitted Facility Requests at your district. You can filter this list by:

  • Classification (including unassigned)
  • Status (pending/approved).

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

The groups that have not yet requested to be assigned to a classification can be viewed by selecting unassigned from the classification filter. You are able to assign them to a group by selecting the pencil icon.

2. Select the group name to view details about the group.

For Districts not using Group Classifications

Because Groups can be independent of school districts (e.g., a community youth travel sports team), you cannot directly see Group Profiles that have not submitted events at your district before.

However, you can see Groups that have submitted Requests at your district by viewing reports and filtering by Group.