ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admins to customize the fields displayed for an online Facility Use Request form associated with a specific space.

For example, a Request form for a High School Pool could include fields like No. of Lifeguards Needed (Personnel) and Aquabikes (Equipment) that would not appear on a Request Form for a Classroom space where these fields are not applicable.

Here are three examples of different Additional Information, Equipment, and Personnel fields that appear on Request forms for the following Spaces:

  • A High School Pool
  • A High School Classroom
  • A High School Conference

Note the different fields used in each space’s Request form based on the possible needs of the specific space.

Customized fields that could be assigned to a Pool include Lifeguards Needed and water-exercise equipment.

Here are fields that would be pertinent to a Classroom space.

View the Customize Fields procedure for District Admins.