This post provides background information about:

  • Your school district’s implementation of ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software and;
  • What you need to do if you regularly request and use district spaces.


Community residents who request local school district spaces on behalf of groups such as sports teams, scout troops, and civic organizations.


Your school district is a new subscriber to ML Schedules™ Software and is implementing its use among internal district and external community users who request and use district spaces.


ML Schedules™ Software automates your district’s Facility Use Request process in the cloud to improve efficiency, reduce approval processing times, and make everyone happier. It also virtually eliminates hard copies to reduce your district’s carbon footprint.


Your district’s online Facility Use Request account and your district specific facility use request page from any internet-connected device including personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.


Community residents who request and use district spaces on behalf of groups must create a free ML Schedules™ software User Account to make Facility Use Requests.

To create your User Account:

  1. Visit your district specific ML Schedules login site (on your district’s website).
  2. Find the Create New Account link (or you can find this from the Login link as well).
  3. Enter the required user/group information on the Create Account screen.
  4. Select the Submit button.

Once your user account and group profile is submitted, you can make Facility Requests using the software.