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Hello everyone,

We hope you are doing well during this hectic time. We wanted to start a topic of discussion on the COVID-19 pandemic and how you and your district are handling the situation. Particularly when it comes to your buildings and spaces and all of the events that have been cancelled - how have you managed through this? Are you involved with any meal programs that are still operating? Since the buildings are closed, do you have the ability to start any additional maintenance or repair projects that would normally be set aside for the summer? What have you learned from this event? When do you anticipate school will be back in session? We ask as this may be beneficial to the community of other users across the country as well as us here at MasterLibrary and can help us make adjustments on our end to improve your workflows. 

Please feel free to enter a ticket in the support portal for any questions or concerns. We are using this forum as a discussion to receive additional feedback.

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Hi Everyone,

We have been shutdown as far as normal operations. Our MLS activity completely stopped. Our nutrition program is actively prepping and packing breakfast and lunch. Our transportation department has been busy delivering meals and supporting our teachers by delivering classroom supplies. 

We are currently anticipating phased-in opening of the facilities (fields) for the summer, following state guidelines. What types of paperwork or documentation is everyone requiring as part of the scheduling process? We will be requiring a signed COVID 19 Guidelines document. 

What other concerns do you have as you open your facilities? 




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