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Filtering/Sorting on Telerik Grids

Hello everyone,

Thanks for checking in on our next topic. I want to start by saying this is obvious to some of our Users. However, I am mentioning this as a Tip/Trick because some Users do not know about this feature. A lot of our pages are using the Telerik Grid. Suggesting this is important so that Users know how to use the Filter/Sort on the Telerik Grid modal.

Sort Requests

1. Select the column header to sort all requests based on that specific column.


Note: The column will be highlighted in blue when it is being sorted on. 

Filter Requests

1. By selecting the three vertical dots within the header, each column can be filtered further.


A menu will be displayed that allows you to filter on specific selections within the selected column. 


2. Select the checkbox next to each item you would like to filter on and then select the Filter button at the bottom of the menu.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on Sorting/Filtering Telerik Grids in ML Schedules.

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