ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the District Admin role have the ability to Show or Hide event details to the public.

District Admin can locate the Show Event Details to Public setting by going to Settings > District Wide Settings.

Show or Hide event details from the public can be adjusted by selecting Show or Hide in the Show Event Details to Public drop down.  If you choose to show the details then the public will be able to see the Group name and all event details. If you choose to Hide the details then the public will only see that the Site/Space are Unavailable.

If a District Admin would like to only show specific information to the public they will have the option to adjust the Public Display Settings by going to Settings > Public Display Settings. Once you select the black triangle drop down next to Public Display Settings you will have the option to show or hide specific information such as Event Name, Group Name, Site Name, and Space Name on all public facing views.

Note: In order for the Public Display Settings to show by specific information, the field Show Event Details to Public mentioned above will have to be set to Show.

Note: Selecting the Show All Events Details button will update these settings to show all event details to the public for all past events and selecting the Hide All Event Details button will update the settings to Hide All Event Details for all past events

The Public Display Settings will also provide URL links to be embedded for different public facing views (calendar, dated list view, etc).