ML Schedules™ Software district users who are assigned the District Admin role have the ability to modify and update the district's Invoicing settings at all times. 

To access the Invoicing Setup settings:

1.  Select Admin > District Settings > Invoicing Setup from the main toolbar. 

The Invoicing Setup page will be displayed. 

2. Complete the following Fields:

Event Invoicing: You have the option to send invoices Automatically or Manually. 

        Automatically On Approval: If this option is chosen, an invoice is sent automatically as soon as event is approved. 

        Manually After Event: If this option is chosen, an Invoice must be manually sent after the event has occurred. 

# Days Invoice Due: This field is where you would indicate how many days out you want the invoice to list the due date for.

Application Fee:  If your district has application fees, you can set them up to be applied “On Approval” or “On Request”.

Require 50% Deposit for Events: You have the ability to require a 50% deposit if an event is longer than the number of hours set here. When you enter a 0, no deposit will be required. 

Additional Fee Information: Enter text here to provide information about how fees will vary based on Classification.Group Managers can view the Classifications text by selecting the details icon next to the Estimated Cost field, and Equipment and Personnel field headers.Note that this is an information-only field: classification codes cannot be associated with a specific Group using ML Schedules™ Software at this time.

Estimated Costs Text: Enter text here to display on the Agreement to Estimated Costs page, when users are submitting their requests. Example Text: Please be aware that additional charges may be added to your request based on actual usage after the event.

Invoice E-mail Text:  Users with the District Admin role have the ability to add custom text to the invoice email that is sent to requestors.  This custom text appears on all invoice emails generated by the system, whether automatic or manually invoiced. The text appears directly above the line itemized invoice area of the email.