ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admins and Group Classification Managers to update a Group's e-mail address.

Users can always update their email address while logged into their account by updating their profile information. However, this specific feature allows District users to update a Group's e-mail address when needed.

For example: A Group Manager leaves a Group and a new person needs to take over managing an already established Group in ML Schedules.

When updating a Group e-mail address, you can either:

1. Enter an email address of an existing user to transfer the Group to that users account.

2. Enter an email address of a non-existing user to transfer the Group and set up a new account for that user.

To Update an existing Group's E-mail Address as a District Admin or Group Classification Manager:

1. Select Users > Manage Groups.

The Manage My Groups page will be displayed.

2. Select the Update Group E-mail icon ().

The Update Group E-Mail screen will be displayed.

3. Update the existing e-mail address, in the New Group E-mail field.

Note: If you are moving the Group to an existing user's account in ML Schedules, make sure you enter the exact same e-mail that the user's account is currently associated with. Otherwise, a new account will be created with the new e-mail address.

4. Select Yes or No in the Send E-mail field, to send an e-mail or not send an e-mail to the user that this Group is now under their account.

5. Select the Save button.

6. New Groups will also have a Password Reset link in the email that is sent to them. 

Example email: