ML Schedules™ Software allows District Admin and users with permission to Send Invoices to print a copy of a Groups invoice before sending.

There are a couple reasons you may want to do this:

  • You want to preview the invoice before sending.
  • You want to manually send the invoice as a PDF.

To Print an Invoice to a PDF:

1. Find the request by selecting the Admin > Manage Requests command from the top black toolbar.

Alternately, users can find the event using the Search for Request feature or through any of the Reports under the Reports drop down, including the Calendar Report.

2. Use the filters to narrow find the event you are looking for and select the View icon () next to the event you would like to send the contract for.

The Request Information page will be displayed.

3. From the Request Information page, adjust any fees as needed.

4. To print a copy of the Invoice, select the Print Invoice PDF button.

To print the invoice for a Recurring or Multiple Space event, select the View All Occurrences or View all Request button to select your events and see the Print Invoice PDF option.