Edit an existing Invoice

If you would like to edit an invoice then this will need to be done from the invoice itself. Adjusting the request details after an invoice has been sent will NOT be reflected on the existing invoice.

1. Select Invoices > Open Invoices

2. Use the search box to search on the invoice you would like to edit.

3. Select the View icon () next to the invoice that you would like to edit.

3. Select the Edit icon () next to the line item that you would like to adjust. Select the Delete () icon next to any items that you would like to remove from the invoice.

Note: This includes if you need to Edit a Payment or Delete a Payment.

Invoice Buttons:

1. Edit Invoice - Allows the Due Date to be adjusted. Also allows an invoice message to be sent with the invoice.

2. Add Request - Allows other requests from the Group to be added to the invoice.

3. Add Additional Charge - 
Allows additional charges to be added to the invoice.

4. Receive Payment 
- Receive a payment for the invoice

5. Print 
- Allows the invoice to be printed

6. Email 
- Resend the Invoice

7. Void - 
Voids the invoice. This will automatically send an email to the requestor, notifying them that the invoice that had been sent to them has been voided and the balance will show $0.00 due.