ML Schedules™ Software allows users to submit facility use requests under their specific Group(s).

However, there are a couple of reasons why a Group may not have access to submit a request to the system.

1. The Group has not yet been approved, as many Districts require Groups to be approved before they are able to make a request.

2. The Classification that the Group is associated with, does not have access to any Spaces. 

3. The Group is missing a Classification.

1. If a Group has not yet been Approved:

After creating an accounts from their schools New Account Setup page (photo below), the new user will need to wait until their Group is approved by a designated ML Schedules user before submitting a request.

If the user tries logging in before their Group has been approved, the user will see a message on the screen saying: "You must be an approved Group before submitting a request".

To resolve this issue a Group Classification Manager or District Admin will need to: Approve the Group.

Once the Group is approved, the user will receive an email notification alerting them that their Group is approved and they will then be able to login and submit a request. 

2. If the Group is approved, but the Classification the Group is associated with, does not have access to any Spaces:

The user will receive a message on the screen saying: "User is not permitted to make requests at this time as its group has not been granted access to any sites or spaces. For more information, please contact District Admin".

To resolve this issues, a District Admin will have to do the following:

1.) Add the Group Classification to the Site Settings.

    a.  Go to Admin > District Settings > Manage Sites.

    b.  Select the Edit icon () next to one of the Sites.

    c.  At the very bottom, select the Classifications to add. 

    d.  Select Override Space Classifications

    e.  Select Save

3. If the Group does not have a requested Classification:

The user will receive a message on the screen saying: "It appears your group does not currently have a Group Classification, which you will need in order to submit a request. Please click here for directions on how to request a Classification".


To resolve this issue, the user will want to select the "click here" link for instructions on how to request a Classification for their Group.