ML Schedules™ allows District AdminSpace Approvers and users with Permission to Edit Requests, to respond to Recurring requests at the same time, including mass Approve, Decline, Put on Hold, Cancel and/or Edit requests.

To respond to Recurring requests at the same time after logging into ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Select Requests > Awaiting My Approval from the Left-side toolbar. 

2. Select the view icon () next to one occurrence of the Recurring request in the Manage Request screen.

The Request Information page for the selected request will be displayed.

(Note: The All Occurrence Dates field under the Event Information section, will give you a quick look at all desired dates before managing the request through the View All Occurrences button).

3. Select the View All Occurrences button at the top right of the screen.

A list of all the Recurring Request occurrences will be displayed.

4. Either check the Select All command at the upper left of the screen or select individual event check boxes for those occurrences that you want to edit.

5. Select the Edit Selected button.

6. You will be brought to the Edit screen where you will have the ability to edit the Site Name, Space Name, Event Time, Event Name, Fields, Add Additional Charges, Add Internal and/or External Notes and Fees. 

7. Once you have made all necessary changes, you can select who you would like to notify of the change(s) (Space Approvers, Additionally Notified users, Requestor) and select the “Save & Send Update Email” button. 

NOTE: If you do not want to notify anyone, do not select any of the notify check boxes.

8. If you modified any information that would change fees charged for these events, you can click the “Save & Recalculate Fees” button. This will save the event details and recalculate any fees associated with these events. 

IMPORTANT: If you would like to override any automatically calculated fees and add your own custom fees to these events, enter in the custom fees in the appropriate Fields, but do not click the Save and Recalculate Fees button.