ML Schedules™ Software provides District Admins with the ability to set up Additional Charges to be applied to requests.

For example: In some cases a district may not have a standard charge for custodial fees and it also may not be based on the exact number of hours the event is held (which is usually set up through Managing Fields.) In this case the District may want the option to apply customized charges to the request, with flexibility of the number, hours and rate of the charge.

To set up this feature you will want to take the following steps:

1. Select Admin > District Settings > Manage Additional Charges.

2. Click the plus icon (Add) to add a new charge.

3. Enter the name of the charge type in and click Save.

Note: Additional Charges would be anything that you want to have the flexibility to charge for. For example: Administration Fee, Custodial Fee, Security Fee, Microphone Fee, etc.

To apply Additional Charges to a requests you will want to take the following steps:

1. From the Request Details page scroll down to the Cost Breakdown Section

2. To add an Additional Charge, click the Plus Icon (Add Additional Charge) to display the Additional Charge on Request page.

3. Select the Charge type from the drop down.

4. Enter the Quantity ( many you are charging.)

5. Enter the Hours you are charging for.

6. Enter the Rate you are charging.

7. Click Save.

8. To add another Additional Charge repeat steps 1-7.

This will apply the Additional Charge to the total event cost, which will now be displayed in the Cost Breakdown section.

Note: To edit an existing Additional Charge, click the pencil icon (Edit.)