Group Managers can cancel Facility Requests they have made, regardless of the events’ status (i.e., pending, on hold or approved), as long as it is within the days notice required set by the district.

To cancel a Request from within ML Schedules™ software as  Group Manager:

1. Select My Requests from the gray toolbar to display a summary of all Requests made for your Group.

Note: If you manage more than one Group, you will need to select the appropriate entry from the Select Group drop-down menu).

2. Select the Cancel icon () to the right of the Request you want to cancel. A pop-up window confirming the cancellation request will be displayed.

Note: If the Cancel icon does not appear next to the Event name, it is under the District-defined number of days advance notice required to cancel a Request. View the District’s Terms and Conditions for more information about its particular policy.

3. Select the OK button in the pop-up window to confirm the cancellation. The selected Group’s Request summary page will be displayed without the canceled event.

Note: You can also cancel a Request by selecting the red Cancel Request button from the bottom of the Request Details page, accessed by selecting the Details (search) icon in the Request Summary screen.

Cancel button

Related Procedure:

Cancel a Request as either a District Admin or user with permission to Cancel Requests.