School districts sometimes enter Space Notes that must be read and acknowledged by anyone submitting a Facility Request for that space. These notes usually provide important additional information about the space such as special uses, capacity, setup limitations, etc.

If the space for which you are submitting a Request has required Space Notes, the following checkbox will appear at the bottom of the Request screen right above the dimmed (unavailable) Reservebutton: I have read the space notes (view)

read and agree

Note: If the checkbox does not appear on the form, there are no Notes associated with the requested Space.

After completing the rest of the Facility Request form:

1. Select the checkbox next to the I have read the space notes (view)field.

2. Select the check box next to the “I have read the district’s Terms and Conditions (view)” field.

Note: Select (view) in either field to see the Space Notes and/or district Terms and Conditions.

The Reserve button will not be enabled for you to select to submit the Request with the acknowledgement that the Space Notes were read.