ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows four different types of Facility Use Requests.  One of them allows requestors to make recurring facility requests. 

When logged in to ML Schedules, from the home page:

1. Select the As a recurring event option.

Note: Users can submit Recurring Requests for a single or multiple spaces at the same time.

From the Make a Recurring Request screen:

2. Select a Site and Space(s) from the drop-down menu selections.

Note: To select Multiple Spaces click the “Add Another Space” button.

3. Select the desired Start Date.

A Monthly Calendar will be displayed from which a Start Date can be selected.

4. Select a Start Time and End Time in 15-minute increments from the drop-down menus.

Note: You can also edit down to 1-minute increments if needed, by clicking directly into the time box to edit the time.

5-A. Select the event Frequency from the drop-down menu:

When making a request as a recurring event, users can use six different time intervals:
  • Daily
  • Daily Weekdays Only
  • Weekly
  • Every other week
  • Multiple Days per week
  • Monthly

5-B. Select a desired End Date or;

6. Select the Number of (#) Occurrences from the drop-down menu. Available selections range from 0 – 30.

Note: You can not choose a Frequency AND # of Occurrences.

7. Select the View button to check space availability.

A list of each occurrence showing an Available status (Yes or No) for the selected space will be displayed. 

spaces available


  • If the desired space is not available, try adjusting the date and/or time fields and the screen will automatically update the Available column based on your new selection.
  • When the list of available spaces is returned, an X (delete) button is displayed to the left of each occurrence. Selecting the X will remove that specific occurrence from the list. This allows Requesters to easily delete a specific occurrence that falls on a school holiday. Note the No. of Occurrences displayed above the list doesn’t automatically update if one or more list items are deleted.

8. Select the Continue button to confirm the recurring dates/times you have selected (only available dates will be submitted, unless you have permission to Double Book.)

The Confirm Recurring Facility Use Request screen will be displayed that includes the selected spaces, dates and times, as well as available fields.

9. Complete all fields in the Confirm Your Request screen including Event Name and (optional) Notes.

date and time fields

10. Select the check box signifying you have read and agree to district’s Terms and Conditions (seelect the view link to see your district’s Terms and Conditions.)

If an electronic signature field is displayed in the Facility Use Request form, your signature agreeing to the Contract is required before you can submit the request.

11. Use your mouse to sign your name in the electronic signature field shown below.

12. Select the Request button to submit the Facility Use Request for approval.

A thank-you screen will be displayed indicating your Request is being processed and that you will be notified of its progress.