recurring event button

It’s easy to submit Facility Use Requests for events that recur in a single or multiple spaces with ML Schedules™ Software.

ML Schedules™ Software allows you to submit Recurring Facility Requests using six different time intervals:

1. Daily
2. Daily Weekdays Only
3. Weekly
4. Every other week
5. Multiple Days per week
6. Monthly

Additionally, you can submit Recurring Requests for a single or multiple spaces at the same time.

Submitting a Recurring Request for Multiple Spaces

When submitting a recurring request for multiple spaces, there is  one additional step per additional space that needs to be made as mentioned in the procedures that follow.

After you select a Site (building) and your first Space:

  • Select the “Add Another Space” button to add another Space from the drop-down menu.

Select the Add Another Space drop-down menu to extend the number of spaces included in your ML Schedules™ Software recurring request.


  • Additional spaces can be removed from the recurring request prior to submission by selecting the Delete command next to the Space to be removed.
  • To search additional spaces district wide instead of by building, skip the Select a Site step.

1. Submit a Daily or Weekly Recurring Request

From the Make Recurring Facility Use Request screen:

1. Select a Site and Space(s) from the drop-down menu selections.

Note: To select Multiple Spaces click the “Add Another Space” button.

2. Select the desired Start Date.

A Monthly Calendar will be displayed from which a Start Date can be selected.

3. Select a Start Time and End Time in 30-minute increments from the drop-down menus.

When a Group Manager makes a Recurrent Event request, the End Date field appears on the request form in addition to the Number of Occurrences drop-down menu.

Note that the End Date and No. of Occurrences fields are selected on an either/or basis.

4-A. Select the Number of (#) Occurrences from the drop-down menu. Available selections range from 2 – 20, or;

4-B. Select a desired End Date.

5. Select the event Frequency from the drop-down menu:

  • Daily (Mon. – Sun.)
  • Daily – Weekday Only (Mon. – Fri.)
  • Weekly (on same day of week)

6. Select the View button to check space availability.

A list of each occurrence showing an Available status (Yes or No) for the selected space will be displayed.

If the desired space is available for the selected start date, times and frequency, it will show a Yes status in the Available column.

spaces available


  • If the desired space is not available, try changing one or more of the field settings to find available spaces that meet your group’s needs.
  • When the list of available spaces is returned, an X (delete) buttonis displayed to the left of each occurrence. Selecting the X will remove that specific occurrence from the list. This allows Requesters to easily delete a specific occurrence that falls on a school holiday. Note the No. of Occurrences displayed above the list doesn’t automatically update if one or more list items are deleted.

7. Select the Continue button to confirm the recurring Facility Use Request.


  • To search spaces using different parameters, enter new field data and select the View button.
  • To select a different Facility Use Request type, select the Go back to previous screen…command under the online instructions.
  • You can edit the Date, and Start and End Time fields before sending the request.

The Confirm Recurring Facility Use Request screen will be displayed that includes the selected spaces, dates and times, as well as the fields described.

8. Complete all fields in the Confirm Facility Use Request screen including Event Name and (optional) Notes, and AED event person and certification expiration date.

date and time fields

9. Select the check box signifying you have read and agree to District terms (available from its website).

Multiple Group Managers: Check that the correct Group is displayed for the event. (You can change this setting from the Group drop-down menu.)

10. Select the check box signifying you have read and agree to district’s Terms and Conditions.

Note: Select the view link to see your district’s Terms and Conditions.

If an electronic signature field is displayed in the Facility Use Request form,  your signature agreeing to the Contract is required before you can submit the request.

11. Use your mouse to sign your name in the electronic signature field shown below.

You must agree with both the Terms and Conditions (via the checkbox) and Contract (if your district requires one) via the electronic signature field before you can select the Request button to submit your request.

12. Select the Request button to submit the Facility Use Request for approval.

A thank-you screen will be displayed indicating your Request is being processed and that you will be notified of its progress.

Note that the requested space will now appear as Pending Approvalto other community users when searching spaces.

2. Submit a Monthly Recurring Request

To make a monthly Recurring Request after logging into your ML Schedules™ software account:

  1. Select As a Recurring Event from the Schedule page to display the Recurring Request screen.
  2. Select the District , Site and Space(s) as well as the Start Date,and Start and End Times for the monthly recurring event.
  3. From the # Occurrences field drop-down menu, select the desired number of consecutive monthly meetings to be scheduled on the date of the month entered in the Start Date field.
  4. Select Monthly from the Recurring Request Type drop-down menu.
  5. Select the View button to see available spaces matching the criteria entered and to complete and submit the Facility Use Request.

3. Submit a Recurring Request for Multiple Days Per Week

You can also make a recurring Request for the same space more than once a week (e.g., Tuesdays and Thursdays) with the Multiple Days Per Week Recurring Request option.

After logging into your ML Schedules™ software account:

  1. Select As a Recurring Event from the Schedule page to display the Recurring Request screen.
  2. Select the District , Site and Space(s), as well as the Start Date, and Start and End Times for the recurring event.
  3. From the # Occurrences field drop-down menu, select the desired number of meetings to be scheduled.
  4. Select Multiple Days Per Week from the Recurring Request Type drop-down menu. A list of all available week days will be displayed below the field.
  5. Select the checkboxes next to the days of the week on which you want to schedule the Recurring event.
  6. Select the View button to see available spaces matching the criteria entered and complete and submit the Facility Use Request.