ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows four different types of Facility Use Requests.  One of them allows requestors to make a request by specific space (calendar view). 

When logged in to ML Schedules, from the home page:

1. Select the By specific space (calendar view) icon.

From the Make Facility Use Request Calendar View screen:

1. Using either Option 1 (Site and Space) OR Option 2 (Space Type and Space) from the drop-down menu selections, select a Space and click Search

2. Click on the desired Start Date

A Daily Calendar view of the selected Start Date will be displayed.

3. Select the desired Start Time (if available).

Note: If an event is scheduled for the selected Space, the Event Name or Not Available text will appear, blocking off the Space during the time of the event.

select start time

The Confirm Facility Use Request screen will be displayed with the previously selected space and Facility Use Request criteria.

4. Complete all Fields on the Facility Use Request screen including Event Name and Notes (optional).

date and time fields

5. Select the check box signifying you have read and agree to district’s Terms and Conditions.

Note: Select the view link to see your district’s Terms and Conditions.

If an electronic signature field is displayed in the Facility Use Request form,  your signature agreeing to the Contract is required before you can submit the request.

6. Use your mouse to sign your name in the electronic signature field shown below.

You must agree with both the Terms and Conditions (via the checkbox) and Contract (if your district requires one) via the electronic signature field before you can select the Request button to submit your request.

7. Select the Request button to submit the Facility Use Request for approval.

A thank-you screen will be displayed indicating your Request is being processed and that you will be notified of its progress.