ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software allows users to submit requests By Specific Date and Time. 

This request type is used when you don’t know the facility you are looking for, but you know the date and time and want to see the list of facilities available.

From the ML Schedules Home screen:

1. Select the By specific date and time icon.

The request screen will be displayed.

2. Select your event Start Date

A calendar will be displayed that you can advance through to select the desired Start Date.

3. Select your End Date

4. Select Start and End Times from the drop-down menu. 

Note: Start and End times are available in 30 minute intervals (but can be entered down to one minute increments if needed.)

5. Select the Site and/or Space Type. Recommend FilterSite

Note: You can select multiple Districts and/or Space Types by holding the following keys while selecting additional menu items:

  • PC: Ctrl key
  • Mac: Apple key

6. Select the View button to see which Spaces are available for the selected date and time.

7. Select the Request command next to the desired Space, noting its maximum occupancy and cost.

The Confirm Facility Use Request screen will be displayed with the previously selected space and Facility Use Request criteria.

8. Complete all necessary fields on the Confirm Your Request screen.

9. Select the check box signifying you have read and agree to district’s Terms and Conditions.

Note: Select the view hyperlink to see your district’s Terms and Conditions.

Optional Step (not all Districts use): If an electronic signature field is displayed in the Facility Use Request form, your signature agreeing to the Contract is required before you can submit the request.

10. Use your mouse to sign your name in the electronic signature field shown below.

Note: You must agree with both the Terms and Conditions (via the checkbox) and Contract (if your district requires one) via the electronic signature field before you can select the Request button to submit your request.

11. Select the Request button to submit the Facility Use Request for approval.

A thank-you screen will be displayed indicating your Request is being processed and that you will be notified of its progress.