ML Schedules™ Software provides four different types of Facility Use Requests as described below . To submit the most efficient Request type, it is important to understand their differences.

  1. By specific date/time. Appropriate for Requests where the date and time of the event are known. A list of facilities available for use for the date and times provided will be displayed.
  2. By specific space. Best for Requests where the facility to be used is known. A calendar view of when the space is available will be displayed.
  3. As a recurring event. Appropriate for an event that needs to be scheduled for more than one date. For example: daily, weekly, monthly, multiple days a week, etc.
  4. Multiple spaces at the same time.
    Use for one-time events that require multiple facilities such as a gym, concession stand and locker rooms. A sports tournament is one example of this Request type.