While ML Schedules™ Software offers flexible, powerful Roles and building-based Permissions to be assigned to district staff, it’s also easy for District Admins to manage users including changing settings.

To manage existing district staff users who have been assigned a Role from any ML Schedules™ Software screen while logged in as a District Admin:

1. Select the Users > Manage Users command from the top black toolbar. The Manage Users screen will be displayed similar to the one shown below.

Available to District Admins, the Manage Users screen makes it easy to see which users are assigned what Roles and if, they are Space Approvers, the district buildings for which they have approval privileges.

2. Select a filter from the drop-down menu:

  • Users with a Role or
  • Users from Active Directory

An index of all users for your district matching the selected criteria will be displayed with the following fields:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Assigned Roles

3. Select the   to the right of each user name to display the spaces for which the user is assigned the role of Space Approver.

Note: If nothing is displayed when the view is expanded, that user is not assigned the role of Space Approver in your district.

4. To change a user’s settings:

  • Select the Edit icon () next to the name of the user whose settings are to be edited. A User Details screen will be displayed where the settings can be changed.
  • Select the Delete icon () to delete the user from the system. Note that the user must be removed as a Space Approver from all spaces before the account can be deleted.