ML Schedules™ Software District Admins can add, remove or change the order of space approvers on an existing Space.

From any screen logged into the software as an Admin:

1. Select Locations > Manage Spaces from the left-side navigation toolbar.

An index of district spaces will be displayed.

2. Select the Edit icon ( Edit ) to the right of the Space you want to edit.

The Space Settings screen will be displayed.

3.  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see a list of approvers for the space.

To add to or change the sequence of the space approvers:

4. Use the Space Approvers 1 – 4 drop-down menus to select the correct person(s) and sequence of approval.


To remove a user from the space approval sequence:

5-a. Select Select User in place of the user’s name.

5-b. Update all Space Approver fields so there are no gaps (i.e., Select User setting displayed in drop-down menu) between approvers.

Note: Select Approver can appear in the Space Approver 4 field if only three internal users are required for that space.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there are no gaps (as designated by the Select User setting) between Space Approvers.


6. Select the Save button after all Space Approvers have entered in the desired order.