Most school districts require external community Groups to post a valid insurance certificate to the Group Profile before a Facility User Request can either be submitted or approved.

ML Schedules™ Software makes it easy to upload your Group’s Insurance certificate (in the form of a PDF or JPG file) and to enter its expiration date during the Setup New User Account procedure.

However, if you didn’t enter insurance information during account setup or if you have updated insurance information to add, use the Edit Group Profile screen to make these changes.

To edit a Group Profile while logged into ML Schedules™ Software as a Group Manager:

1. Select the  Icon from the top toolbar to display your Group Profile(s).

To add insurance information to an existing group

2. Select the Edit button next to the name of the Group you want to edit. The Group Profile screen will be displayed.

3. In the Insurance Information section of the screen, select the Choose File button, navigate to the correct file, and select the OK button.

Insurance Information 2

Note: You can also upload Additional Files (such as 501(c)3 forms) below in the Additional Files section

4. Enter the Insurance Expiration Date field. This expiration date will alert you and the district if the insurance file is no longer valid.

5.  Select the Save button to save your changes.

View Respond to a Flagging (Expired) Insurance Certificate for more information on expired insurance files.

To add insurance information to a new group:

1. Select the Add New Group button to display a new Group Profile screen.

2. Complete the necessary information for the new Group.

3. Follow steps 3 – 5, above, to complete the insurance information for the new Group.