ML Schedules™  Software’s My Requests page allows you to view all Facility Requests that you have ever submitted, both for events that have already occurred and those that are scheduled for the future.

To view your My Requests page while logged into the software as a user:

1. Select the My Requests command in the black toolbar at the top of any screen.

Important: When the My Requests screen is initially displayed, it will default to the Upcoming Events (future) mode. To select filters to view events that have already occurred, select the Your Past Requests command to change to the Past Events mode.

2. Select from any or all of the drop-down Filters to find specific events or the status of an event.

3. Select the View button after all desired Filter settings have been  made.

An index of all upcoming Requests you have submitted will be displayed where you can perform the actions noted below.

Other page actions
  • To print a list of your requests, select the Print icon.
  • To cancel a pending event, select the Delete Icon (Cancel). 
    Note: If you do not see the option to cancel your event, it is because your event is not within the timeframe allowed by your district to cancel an event).
  • To view the details of a specific events, select the Edit Icon (View).