Once an  ML Schedules™ Software user account is created, there are a few simple one-time tasks that need to be done the first time you log into the system including:

  • Accepting the District’s Terms & Conditions
  • External Groups only: Upload a Certificate Of Insurance and enter its expiration date.

Once these two tasks are completed, you can start to make online Facility Use Requests at your district using ML Schedules™ Software.


From your district’s login page:

1. Enter your username and password; then select the Login button. The district’s ML Schedules™  Software home page will be displayed.

Note: If you forgot password, you can retrieve it by selecting the Send Password Reminder command.

2. Select the Accept button in the  Accept ML Schedules™ K12 FacilityRequest Software Terms and Conditions field.

New users must accept the ML Schedules™ Softwares Terms and Conditions before they can submit a Facility Use Request.

3. Select the Profile command from the top black toolbar to display your account profile including information about the Group(s) you manage.

4. Select the Edit () icon next to the Group name for which you want to see related data.

Important: Most district’s require that all community (i.e., non-district) Groups upload a valid Certificate Of Insurance and enter its expiration date before a Facility Request has been submitted. Contact your district directly if you are unsure of whether your Group needs to enter insurance information.

5. Review the Group Information screen and upload insurance (or additional group files such as tax-exempt forms, if needed).

6. Select the Request Space button to return to your district’s ML Schedules™ home page where you can initiate an online Facility Use Request.

Once the Terms are accepted and any pertinent insurance information is uploaded/entered, users can complete and submit an online Facility Request form.

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