ML Schedules™ Software makes it easy to run a Calendar Report using various filters to quickly display only items of interest.

1. Select the Calendar Icon on the Left Side Navigation Menu.

The Calendar Report page will be displayed. 

Available drop-down menus to filter your search results include:

  • Site
  • Space
  • Space Type
  • Classification
  • Groups 
  • Status

2. Select the Filter Icon to select your desired filters.

3. Date filters are also available as buttons to further refine your search.

Note: The Date filter will default to Month.

4.There is also an Advanced Calendar Display setting which will allow you to enable a Compact View of the Calendar. These settings can be adjusted by selecting the  Icon. 

Enabling the Compact Calendar View will show a "+ more" link which will show you a quick view of all the events for that day.

A quick view will appear once you select the "+ more" Link.

Below is an example of events scheduled in the month of August.

By selecting various filters such as site, space, space type, group and date, you can easily limit the calendar report to items of interest in ML Schedules™ Software.

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