ML Schedules™ Software makes it easy to run a Calendar report using various filters to quick display only those items of interest.

This report is available to all internal district staff with a user role.

1. Select the Reports > Calendar Report command from the top black toolbar.

The Calendar Report page will be displayed. Available drop-down menus to filter your search results include:

  • Site
  • Space
  • Classification
  • Group

The following time filters are also available as buttons to further refine your search:

  • Month
  • Week
  • Day

2. Select the desired drop-down menu filters.

3. Select the appropriate time filter button.

The resulting calendar view will only display those events that meet the parameters entered on steps 2 and 3.

Below is an example of events scheduled at middle school for the month of May.

ML Schedules™ Software's Calendar report sample

By selecting various filters such as site, space, group and time, you can easily limit the calendar report to items of interest in ML Schedules™ Software.

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