ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software offers a Request Details Report. This report is available to all internal district staff with the View Reports permission.

To run the Detail Report after logging into ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Select Reports > Detail Report from the main menu bar.

The Request Detail Report provides a list of events, including additional information seen on the request form. You can run this report using a set time-frame, narrowed down using the following available filters:

  • Sites
  • Spaces
  • Space Types
  • Classifications
  • Groups
  • Status
  • Event Types
  • Fields
  • Field Sections (this will default to Pending, Approved, On Hold)

Note: The Filter section has been updated to a Multiple select drop-down. Each filter selection can have multiple items selected for more in-depth reporting. Please see the screenshot below. 

The report displays the following information based on the selected filters:

  • Site name
  • Space name
  • Group name/Class type
  • Event Name
  • Event Status
  • Date/Time
  • Additional information
  • Equipment requested
  • Personnel requested
  • Doors To Be Opened
  • Any additional notes

You have the option to print this report to a PDF or Save as an XLS file.