ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software offers a Request Details Report. This report is available to District Admin and users with permission to View Financial Reports.

This report can be found under Reports > Revenue Report.

The Revenue Report allows you to run a variety of different filters, depending on the information you are looking to calculate. You can choose from the following filter sets:

  • Date Range
  • Site
  • Space
  • Classification
  • Group
  • Invoice Sent/Not Sent
  • Invoice Paid/Not Paid


The report displays the following information based on the selected filters:

  • Site/Space Name
  • Group/Class
  • Event Name
  • Event Status
  • Date/Time
  • Space Cost
  • Equipment costs/notes
  • Personnel costs/notes
  • Total Cost
  • Paid (incl. check #)/Not Paid

You have the option to print this report to a PDF or save to a CSV.