ML Schedules™ Software Admin Tools: Reports Overview from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software has implemented many important Report types for school districts including:

1. Equipment to search for all equipment associated with booked events

2. Revenue to search for all revenue from upcoming, booked and/or past events

3. Summary for an overview of all requested events

4. Detail for an itemized list of all event details

5. Space Rate Report for a report of rates per class by space

6. Grid for a report that follows the ML Schedules™ grid view

7. Calendar for a report that follows the ML Schedules™ calendar view, and

8. One Page Per Event that is designed for maintenance, AV and other event-support staff. This Tech Note describes each of these Report types and provides sample screens. 

ML Schedules™ users have the following filters and commands available on all Report screens:

  • Start and End Dates filter
  • District (school district) filter
  • Site filter
  • Space filter
  • Print command (including Save As PDF)
  • Save as Excel file command

1. Equipment Reports

  • Function: Displays a total quantity of all Equipment needed to support booked events within the entered date range and based on the district, Site and/or Space selected.
  • Used By: Facility staff to ensure adequate equipment is available for all booked events.

Equipment Report

2. Revenue Reports

  • Function: Displays revenue including usage fee subtotal, and total fees including support personnel and equipment charges.
  • Used By: Business office staff and district management for financial reporting.

Revenue Report

3. Summary Reports

  • Function: Displays basic event information including Site, Space, Group, Event Name, and Start and End Times (including Setup and Breakdown times).
  • Used By: Admins, Business staff and facility managers for an overview of all booked events based on the applied filters.

Summary Report

4. Details Reports

  • Function: Displays event details including data from all the district’s Facility Request form fields. Event details are displayed contiguously and sorted from newest to oldest event.
  • Used By: Admins and facilities staff for details of all booked events based on the applied filters.

Detail Report

5. Space Rate Report

  • Function: Displays rate (per hour or per event) for each group Classification sorted by each space. Also displays Default space cost per hour; this value is used for an estimated Request rate for Groups that have not yet been assigned a Classification.
  • Used By: District admins to confirm rates entered during setup.

6. Grid Reports

  • Function: Displays event summary information in a grid format by week.
  • Used By: District admins and facilities staff as alternate display format to list or calendar.

Grid Report

7. Calendar Reports

  • Function: Displays event summary information in a calendar format by month (default), week or day.
  • Used By: District admins, facilities staff and other district personnel that want to view a calendar view of events based on selected filters.

Calendar Report

8. One-Event-Per-Page Reports

  • Function: Displays all event details from approved Facility Request form.
  • Used By: Facilities and technical staff that need to support each event.

One Page Per Event