When using ML Schedules™ Software to manage a school district’s Facility Use Requests, it is important that all district staff use the software in the correct way.  This includes ensuring that all athletic event information—for both games and practices—is entered to prevent the double booking of district athletic facilities.

There are three basic ways to handle athletic event scheduling using ML Schedules™ Software:

  1. Via integration with or an export from an athletic scheduling software application
  2. Manually block times without details
  3. Manually enter events with details

Athletic scheduling software integration or export

If your district currently uses an athletic scheduling software application, there are two options for the transfer of data from the athletic software to ML Schedules™:

  • Via direct integration with the athletic scheduling software which ML Schedules™ Software is happy to accommodate when possible
  • For applications where direct integration is not an option, if your athletic software can run an export of information, ML Schedules can typically import the data into our system  providing their export includes the information we need. Note that the export will need to include both games and practices.

Manually block times without details


This option allows for the blocking of athletic facilities when they are in use for games and practices but without specifying any team or event data.

  1. Create a group called something generic like “Athletics.”
  2. Create a recurring event for all of the dates/times that each specific athletic facility will be used. Name the event “Not Available” which will be displayed when other users are searching for available athletic spaces.

Manually enter events with details

This is the best option if your district wants staff members and/or parents to be able to view the internal and/or public facing calendar to see when a specific team practices or has a game. To use this option:

  1.  Add a group for each of your district’s athletic teams in your profile.
  2.  Use the Manage Athletics page to enter each team’s practice and game schedule using the two Request options available.
  3. Select from each individual athletic team and specify the nature of the event (practice or game) when entering these requests.
  4. Keep this information as up to date as possible to eliminate the possibility of double booking any athletic facilities.

Note: District staff members will be able to run reports and view calendars by each specific team. Parents will be able to view this information if your district posts the public facing calendar on its website.