ML Schedules™ Software district staff users who are assigned the Athletic Diector role have a number of options to manage district team practices and games.

1. Setup Groups for each team (recommended method)

ADs can set up a group for each of their district’s athletic teams on the user’s account profile (see Edit Group Profiles And Add Groups.) The AD can then enter practices and games for each individual team at the district.

This is the recommended option as other district staff members are able to see exactly what each team’s events, times and locations are via the calendar report.

If a district chooses to embed the public facing calendar on its website, this option also benefits parents as they can view all practices and games for each district athletic team.

2. Setup a generic Group for all teams

ADs may opt to setup a generic group such as Athletic Events or Athletic Department for which practices and games of all a district’s athletic teams would be scheduled. There are two ways to use the generic group based on the level of detail desired in the district and public (if applicable) calendar views:

Put team name in Event Name field
Entering a team name in the Event Name field (ex: Girls JV Softball Practice) of the Request will display the team name in the calendar views; however, users will no longer be able to filter down to look at just one team’s events.

Block off events with no team name
ADs can also use the generic athletic group to block off when athletic facilities are being used for practices/games without including a specific team or event name. Obviously this inhibits visibility by a specific team or event for staff and community users.

3. Importing events from Athletic Scheduling software

Districts that use athletic scheduling software that has an export function can integrate events from these applications into ML Schedules™ Software.

We can provide a sequenced list of the  fields required by the athletic scheduling software’s export to pass along the correct information to ML Schedules™ Software via its import function.

Important: ADs need to block off a district’s athletic facilities using one of these options so that these facilities don’t get double booked by other requestors.