ML Schedules™ Software gives District Admin, Users with Permission to Edit Events and Send Invoices the ability to mark facility request as paid.

The mark paid feature allows fast, efficient reporting of paid and outstanding balances for all of a district’s groups.

Note: To mark an event with a deposit amount paid, see Mark a Facility Request Deposit as Paid.

To mark an event invoice as Paid while logged into the software:

1. Select Admin > Manage Requests.

The Manage Request page will be displayed.

2. Select the View Details icon () to the right of the event that needs to be updated with a deposit. 

Note: Users can also search for the event using the Search for Events feature or using the calendar report: Select the Report tab; then select Calendar Report and find the event on the calendar. Click on the event and the event details page will be displayed. In the upper right corner, select the Manage Request button which will display to the same page as the steps listed above. 

The Event Information screen will be displayed.

For a Single (non-recurring) Event:

Note: The process for Recurring and Multiple Space events is outlined further below.

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Event Details page and select the Edit Event button. 

The Edit Event screen will be displayed.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to display the Is Paid? field.


3. Check the “Is Paid?” box and enter the check number, if applicable.

4. Select if there are any users you would like to notify (Approver Users, Additionally Notify, Group Contacts and Requestor).

Note: If you don’t select anyone to be notified of this change, no emails will be sent.

5. Select the Save button.

Note: Do not select Save and Recalculate button unless you want the automatic calculation settings to update any manual changes you have made to the request fees.

For a Recurring or Multiple Space Events:

1. Select the orange View All Occurrences or View All Requests button.

2. Select all events you wish to mark as paid, by clicking the “Select All by checking box below” box or checking off the events individually.

3. At the top of the page, select the orange Manage Payments button.

The Payment Administration Screen will be displayed.

4. Select the Is Paid check box and enter the check number (optional).

5. Select the Do Not Update Deposit Information and Only Mark as Paid, if you have not changed anything regarding the deposit amount and do not want to overwrite any existing information that has been populated for this field. For example: If different deposit amounts or check numbers were applied to different events in this series and you do not want to overwrite all requests listed on this screen with the information displayed.

6. Once you have entered any desired information, select the Save Payment Information button to apply the information entered to all Requests listed.

7. You can then close the screen or select the "Back to All Instances of this Request".

Watch this short video to learn how to Mark a Facility Request As Paid.


Mark Facility Request as Paid from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.