ML Schedules™ Software users assigned the District Admin role or users with permission to Edit Requests can edit invoice information before or after the event, depending on when invoicing is desirable.

To edit an event invoice after logging into the software (click here for information on how to Edit Invoice Information on Multiple Events at Once):

1. Select the Admin > Manage Request command from the  drop-down menu. 

The Manage Request summary screen will be displayed.

2. Select the Only Show Not Yet Invoiced Requests checkboxalong with any other filters such as Site, Space, Group or Status—to view a summary of all invoices that have not been sent.

3. Select the View Details icon (View)  to the right of the name of the event to be invoiced. 

The Request Information screen will be displayed from which you can edit the charges.

Alternately you can find the event you want to invoice using the Search for Request feature or through any of the Reports under the Reports drop down, including the Calendar Report.

4. Scroll down to the Cost Breakdown section and add any Additional Charges to the invoice.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Edit Event button.

  • Edit any Field fees (personnel, equipment) if necessary (example of Field fees in photo below).
  • Edit the fee in the Space Cost field (at bottom of screen) if necessary.
  • Edit any other information such as dates/times if necessary.

Note: All fee types will be automatically added as separate line items with a grand total on the invoice.

Once the desired information has been edited/entered:

6. Select any users that should be notified about the change through the additional notifications section.

7a. Then select the Save & Send Email Update button OR;

Important: Choose this option if you manually adjusted/overwrote any automatic fee calculations.

7b. Select the Save and Recalculate Fees button, if you want to update fees based on edited Fields (taking into account settings for hourly rates based on Classification).

Note: You do not need to notify the requestor as they will receive an email with the invoice once you click the Send Invoice button on the next screen.

Once the event is approved and you are ready to send the invoice:

8. Select the Send Invoice button from the Request Information screen. An invoice will automatically be sent to the Requestor of the event as well as the designated Billing Office User.

Watch this short video to see how to edit an Invoice.

Editing Invoice from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.