ML Schedules™ Software users assigned the District Admin role or have permission to Send Invoices, can send bulk invoices for approved requests.

Bulk invoices save time by allowing you to search for and select multiple approved requests to be billed in one invoice to a group or group(s).

Usage examples:
  • If your district invoices monthly for all groups or
  • If your district wants to invoice monthly for select groups.


From any ML Schedules™ Software screen while logged in:

1. Select Admin > Bulk Invoicing from the black upper toolbar to display the Bulk Invoicing screen.

2. Select from one or more of the following filters to narrow down your search results:

  • Date Range
  • Site Space
  • Classification
  • Group
  • Invoice Status
  • Deposit Paid Status
  • Paid Status

Tip for invoicing by Group: When bulk invoicing by Group, selecting the Group name and No as the Paid Status will display the specific events that need to be bulk invoiced.

Tip for invoicing monthly: You can select events from multiple groups using the bulk invoicing feature; each group will only be billed for its  own events. This makes it easy to search by a time period (e.g., a month) and apply the Not paid filter. Selecting all the returned events will send multiple bulk invoices to the requesting groups with just their own event costs.

3. Select the Search button when all desired filters have been set.

A summary of events matching the selected filters will be displayed.

4-A.  Either choose the Select all checkbox if you would like to bill all the returned events in one bulk invoice;

4-B. Or select the checkboxes next to specific events that you would like to bill in one bulk invoice.

5.  Select the Invoice Selected button.

An invoice email will be sent to the group contact and billing office user with the total amount due.