ML Schedules™ Software users assigned the District Admin role or have permission to Send Invoices can send an invoice after the event has occurred.

A corresponding Report view makes it easy to view all invoices that have to be sent after an event.

To send an invoice after an event:

1. View a report of all invoices that need to be sent after the events have occurred:

a. Select the Manage Request command from the Admin drop down menu.

b. Select the Admin > Manage Request command from the  drop-down menu. The Manage Request summary screen will be displayed.

c. Select the Only Show Not Yet Invoiced Requests checkboxalong with any other filters such as Site, Space, Group or Status—to view a summary of all invoices that have not been sent.

2. Select the View Details icon (View)  to the right of the name of the event to be invoiced. The Invoice Details screen will be displayed from which you can send the invoice.

If  you are invoicing for a one time event, you will be able to send an invoice for the event charges by doing the following:

Note: To use the Bulk Invoicing feature, see Bulk Invoicing.

1. Scroll to the Equipment and Personnel sections of the event details and confirm the cost associated with equipment or personnel assistance of the event.

2. Add any Additional Charges as needed.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and confirm the dollar amount associated with the Event Cost for the usage of the actual facility.

Note: All fees will be added as separate line items and totaled on the invoice automatically.

4. Select the Send Invoice button if the amounts are correct.

If you are invoicing for a Recurring Event, you will be able to send an invoice for the event charges by doing the following:

1. Click the orange View All Occurrence button.

2. Check off the events you wish to invoice for, you check Select allto select all events from the list.

3. Click the green Invoice Selected button.

Note: To edit any costs, please see Edit Invoice Information.

An invoice email will be sent to the event requestor, as well as the Billing Office User assigned to that Space. settings.