MLSchedules™ Software Invoicing Options from MasterLibrary.Com, LLC on Vimeo.

Applicable District Roles: District Admin, Space Approvers, users with permission to Approve on Behalf of Others, Edit Events or Send Invoices.

Even if the default District Admin settings are set to automatically send an invoice to the Group Manager upon the approval of a Facility Use Request, users can also opt to send invoices after the actual event has occurred.

To send an invoice after an event (instead of upon Request approval):

1.  Select Admin > Manage Requests from the main menu bar.

The Manage Requests page will be displayed. 

2. Select the View Details icon (View)  to the right of the name of the event to be invoiced. 

The Event Details screen will be displayed from which you can send the invoice.

3.  Select the Invoice After Event checkbox from the Request Information (details) screen.

To view a report of all invoice that need to be sent after an event:

1.  Select Admin > Manage Request from the main menu bar.

The Manage Request summary screen will be displayed. 

2.  Select the Only Show Not Yet Invoiced Requests checkbox—along with any other filters such as Site, Space, Group or Status—to view a summary of all invoices that are set to be sent after the event.