District Admin 
can add custom text to the invoice email that is sent to requestors using ML Schedules™ Software.

This custom text appears on all invoice emails generated by the system, whether automatic or manually invoiced. The text appears directly above the line itemized invoice area of the email. (An email sample showing placement of custom text appears at the end of this post.)

To add custom text to your district’s Facility Usage fee invoice emails from any screen when logged into the software with District Admin credentials:

1. Select Admin > District Settings > District Admin from the top black toolbar to display the District Admin screen, portions of which are shown below. (The gray bands indicate additional fields on the screen that don’t pertain to this procedure.)

District Admin Screen

2. Scroll down to the Invoice Email Text free-text field.

3. Enter the desired text in the field. Use the formatting commands to change type styles, add links to web pages, etc.

4. When  all desired text has been entered, formatted and proofed, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select the Save button.

The text entered in step 3 will now appear in the email that is automatically sent with Facility Use fee invoices as shown in the sample below.

MLS Sample Email Invoice with custom text