ML Schedules™ Software’s District Admin and users with permission to Double Book can double book a Space that already has an event scheduled with a  second separate event.

Note:  If you just want to add an additional group to a previously scheduled event, see the procedure to Copy Event For Another Group.

You can Double Book a Space using the By Specific Space or Recurring Event request types.

To Double Book a Space using the By Specific Space method:

1. Select “By Specific Space (Calendar View)” as the request type.


2. Using either Option 1 (Site and Space) OR Option 2 (Type and Space) from the drop-down menu selections, select the space you would like to double book and click Search.

3. The calendar for the selected space will be displayed.

4. Select the calendar date of the event to be double booked.

5. Find the time of the event to be double booked (i.e., when the existing event appears.)


To the right of the existing event block is a small white area (shown below).


6. Select the white area on the desired start time for the event.

7.  Continue completing and submitting the Request as you normally would to double-book the event.

To Double Book a Space using the Recurring Event method:

1. Select “Recurring Event” as the request type.

2. Fill out the information as you normally would and click View.

3. The dates/times you chose will be listed in red and will appear as Not Available. However there will be a note  at the bottom stating:

* You are allowed to double book this space based on your role at the District. *

4. Click Continue, then complete and submit the Request as you normally would.