ML Schedules™ Software District Admins and users with the permission to Bypass Approval have the ability to bypass the approval process when submitting a Facility Use Request.

While logged into ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Submit the request using one the of the four available Request Types (as shown in the image below.)

At the bottom of the request form you will see the Do Not Require Approval on This Request check box that is only displayed to users assigned either a Request Manager or Admin role.

2. Select the checkbox in the Do Not Require Approval on This Request field to bypass the approval path for this Request.

3. Select the orange Request button.


The Request will have bypassed the approval process and will appear on your district’s internal calendar as an approved event.

Helpful Hint: You can tell if the bypass approval feature was used, by checking the Approval History at the bottom of any Request Information page. If the same user's name is listed as the approver 4 times, with the exact same date and time stamp, you are able to determine that the bypass approval permission was used for this request.