ML Schedules™ Software allows specified users to approve Requests on behalf of others.  To use this feature, users must either be a District Admin or have been granted the Approve On Behalf of Others permissions setting.

Usage example: A district staff member is out sick or on vacation and there are requests stuck awaiting their approval. Selecting proxy approvers helps keep the Request response process running smoothly.

To approve a Request on behalf of another Space Approver while logged into the software with the credentials shown above:

1. Select the Admin > Manage Requests command from the top black toolbar. 

The Manage Requests screen will be displayed.

2. In the Select Pending Space Approval User drop down, select the name desired to display a list of all events pending approval. Then select the View button.

3. Either:

    a. Select the green checkmark icon (74) to approve the event.


    b. Select the View Details icon (View) to view the full Request Information page.

4. Respond to the request as you normally would.