If a staff member who is out sick or on vacation is holding up the Facility Use Request approval process, District Admins and users with permission to Approve on Behalf of Others can approve requests in place of the absent Space Approver.

After logging into ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Select the Admin > Manage Requests command from the top toolbar. The Manage Requests screen will be displayed,

2. Uncheck the Only Show Requests Pending My Approval box to view a list of all Requests pending approval for all district staff.

3. Optional: Use the filter sets to display the specific event.

Alternate Method:

  • Go to the Calendar Report.
  • Find the desired Request.
  • Select the Request and manage the Request Details from there.

4.  Once the desired Request is displayed, there are two ways doe Admins and Request Managers to approve it:

Approve without Notes

5. Select the green check mark (Approve) next to the name of the Request to approve it without any notes.

Approve with Notes

5. Select the View Details icon (View) to see the Event Details screen.

6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter any notes in the Internal notes field (to go to Space Approvers of the facility) or External notes field (to go to the Group Manager of the event).

7. Select the Approve Request w/ Above Notes button.

The Request will be approved (i.e., is a scheduled event) and all appropriate parties will be sent an email notification of the change in status.