ML Schedules™ Software “links” requests for multiple spaces for the same event. For example, a basketball tournament at a High School requires the gym, cafeteria and concession stand to all be reserved at the same times for the same event.

Linking multiple space requests for the same event offers the following advantages:

  • Space approvers can respond to all related requests at the same time (similar to Recurring Requests).
  • One email is sent to anyone associated with the request with all occurrences of the event in that email. This eliminates multiple emails for the same event; e.g., the custodian assigned to the event will get one email with all related spaces shown vs. one email per space request.
  • The multiple spaces are displayed as a single event on the district’s public view calendar. Hovering a mouse over the event displays a pop-up window that lists all the spaces related to the event.

To respond to a multiple space requests for a single event at the same time after logging into ML Schedules™ Software with either Space Approver or District Admin privileges:

1. Select the Requests > View All Requests selection on the Left-side toolbar. The Manage Request screen will be displayed.

2. Select the magnifying glass icon (details-mag-glass)next to any occurrence of the Multiple Spaces for the same Event in the Manage Request screen. The Request Details screen for the selected request will be displayed.

Note: The All Occurrence field under the Event Information section, provides an overview at all desired spaces that can be viewed before managing the request as described below.

3. Select the View All Occurrences button at the top of the screen.

A list of all the Multiple Space Request associated with the one event will be displayed similar to the one shown below.

4. Either check the Select All command at the upper left of the screen or select individual event checkboxes for those occurrences that you want to Approve, Decline, On Hold, Cancel, or Edit.

Note: If all the occurrences do not require the same action (e.g., some requests need to be approved while others need to be declined), you can respond to them individually to take action on any remaining occurrences not covered by the mass action described above.

Once the multiple space requests for the same event are approved, they will be displayed as a single entry in the district public-view calendar. Hovering a mouse over the date displays a pop-up window with all spaces associated with the event as shown below.