ML Schedules™ allows District Admin, Space Approvers, and users with Permission to Edit Requests to Edit Request details.

To edit a Request after logging into ML Schedules™ Software:

1. Locate the Request you would like to Edit and navigate to the Request Information page.

Alternately, you can find the Request you want to Edit using the Search for Request feature or through any of the Reports under the Reports drop down, including the Calendar Report.

The Edit button that appears at the bottom of all submitted Requests, along with the Approve, Decline, Cancel and Put On Hold buttons, allows you to access the Edit screen to make necessary changes to the Request.

3. Select the Edit button in order to make changes to the Request.

4. Make any necessary changes in the Edit Event Information screen.

5. Select Save to save the changes. or Save & Send Update Email button to save and notify Users via email

6. Select the Users you want to notify via email about the Request changes at the bottom of the screen. 

Note: If you select the Save & Send Update Email button and do not select any users to be notified, no emails will be sent.

To edit a Recurring Event, click here.