The Edit Event button that appears at the bottom of all submitted Requests—along with the Approve, Decline, Cancel and Put On Hold buttons. This allows Space Approvers (when it is their turn to approve), District Admins and those with permission to Edit Requests, to edit select fields when viewing a submitted Facility Request form.

You must select the Edit Event button to make changes to any editable fields except for the following which can still be changed on the initial Request Details view:

  • Internal Notes
  • External Notes
  • Event Cost

To edit any other submitted Facility Request:

  1. Select the Edit Event button at the bottom of the screen to display the Edit Event Information screen.
  2. Make any necessary changes in the Edit Event Information screen including selecting any Additional Group Contracts that should be notified of Request or Event status updates.
  3. Select anyone you want to notify via email about the Request detail changes towards the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select the Save & Send Update Email button to save the changes which will now appear on the Request details screen where it can be acted on (i.e., approved, declined, etc.).

To edit a Recurring Event, click here.