Once ML Schedules™ Software implementation is complete, the district’s day-to-day operational role in the Facility Request process will become highly automated:

  • Requests will automatically be routed to the assigned
    staff for approval.
  • Invoices will be automatically generated and emailed to
    both the community user requesting the space as well as
    your District’s Business Office (based on district admin settings).
  • If your District uses g-calendar integration, Requests
    made in the ML Schedules™ system will appear on your
    google calendars.

District support of community users should be minimal based on the software’s ease of use and available documentation including tutorial videos.

Support should be primarily to guide users through initial user account and Group setup, and the Request procedure. Districts should encourage use of the Quick Start Guide to avoid unnecessary support calls.

ML Schedules™ Software Support will continue to be available for district admins to:

  • Answer district questions (including ones from your
    community users)
  • Troubleshoot technical software issues

Suggestions for product improvements can be submitted using the Feature Request command from the Admin drop-down menu.