Before your school district implements the use ML Schedules™ Software for Facility Use Requests, all existing events (i.e., approved Requests, district events,athletic events) need to be entered into the software.

All events that are scheduled for on or after your district’s projected “go live” date will need to be entered in the software to:

  • Prevent unintentional double booking of any space and;
  • Allow all scheduled events to be displayed in one place.

Helpful Tip: It is usually best to enter data from the original Facility Use Request paper forms if available than to enter from a calendar. The Request forms make it easier to see what has already been entered or not. For recurring requests, you can see the start and end dates all in one place.

 1. Add a group
Start by adding a group under which existing events will be entered. Consider naming the group something like “Pre-ML Schedules Events.”

2. Enter existing events
Once the new group is set up, you can begin entering your existing Facility Use Requests in ML Schedules™ Software.

Be mindful of the four different types of Facility Use Requests available in the software to ensure you use the most efficient fit for the type of event you are requesting.

Here are the 4 request types you will choose from:

  1. By specific date/timeAppropriate for Requests where the date and time of the event are known. A list of facilities available for use for the date and times provided will be displayed.
  2. By specific spaceBest for Requests where the facility to be used is known. A calendar view of when the space is available will be displayed.
  3. As a recurring eventAppropriate for an event that needs to be scheduled for more than one date. For example: daily, weekly, monthly, multiple days a week, etc.
  4. Multiple spaces at the same time - Use for one-time events that require multiple facilities such as a gym, concession stand and locker rooms. A sports tournament is one example of this Request type.