ML Schedules™ Software provides District Admins with the ability to have specific staff members be automatically notified via email when a certain field is selected/completed on a request form.

Example: Your district may have a specific IT staff member who needs to be notified anytime a digital projector is requested to be used. The Admin can select the IT staff member to automatically be notified anytime a digital projector is requested for an approved Request.

NOTE: the Additionally Notify field is applied on a site-wide (building) level. Any field that is listed in the  Settings > Setup Items > Manage Fields screen can have an Additionally Notify staff member added to it.

To associate an Additionally Notify staff member to a specific field while logged into ML Schedules™ Software as an Admin:

1. Select Settings > Setup Items Manage Fields from the main menu bar. 

The Manage My Fields screen will be displayed.

2. Select the Edit Icon (Edit) next to the field to which the Additionally Notify staff is to be assigned.

The Manage Field screen will be displayed.

Note: To add a Notify User to a new field, select the Add icon (Add) to display a blank Manage Field screen.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Field screen to the Additional Notifications section.

4. Select the down arrow next to the site (building) to be set up first.

A drop-down list of all district staff assigned the Additionally Notify role will be displayed.

Note: The Additionally Notify can also be assigned during the Setup Space procedure, if notifications need to be sent based on the Space.

5. Choose from the drop-down list the staff member(s) that needs to be notified at that specific Site (building) when the selected Field is requested/completed.

6. Repeat steps 4 – 5 for all of your Sites (buildings).

7. Select the Save button when finished to make all changes live.