To inform community stakeholders about the change in the district’s Facility Use Request process including external Group managers who will need to set up new users accounts and Group profiles to reserve spaces in the future.


Once ML Schedules™ K12 Facility Request Software has been linked to your district website, it’s time to communicate the change in your Facility Request process to external community stakeholders.

ML Schedules™ Software Community User Quick Start Guide is just one available resource that district's can use to communicate details about the new Facility Request process.

ML Schedules™ Software Community User Quick Start Guide is just one available resource that district’s can use to communicate details about their new Facility Request process.

Because every district has different current processes and stakeholders, there’s really no one-size-fits-all program to educate community Groups and their managers. However, there are a mix of media your District may choose to use to spread the word including:

  • Email or letter to existing community Group managers (e.g., sports team coaches, scout leaders) with link to the District’s Community User Quick Start Guide
  • District newsletter (electronic or print) articles
  • School Board meeting announcements and demos
  • Flyer sent home with students
  • Public Service Announcement on community TV station
  • Press release to community media outlets
  • School building electronic display boards via AV systems
  • Display or booth during Open House or other targeted community events

ML Schedules™ Software can provide base content for many of these items that can easily be customized for any school district. Check the Communications page from the District Resources drop-down menu for more information.

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We’ll make sure your district is all set to efficiently communicate the deployment and use of ML Schedules™ Software to community members.