Make the ML Schedules™ Software district data available to internal and external users via any internet-connected device.


Once all posted data is validated, tested and approved for release by district staff, you will be emailed the custom MLSchedules.com web page URL that internal district and external community users will access to submit Facility Requests.

  1. Have your District website administrator add the supplied link to the “Make Facility Use Request” command to the appropriate page of your website. 
  2. The link should be programmed to open in a new (blank) window so your District’s website remains open in the background.
  3. Once posted, test the link from the District website to ensure it displays the ML Schedules™ Software’s website district-specific home page in a new browser window.

From an implementation perspective, the software is now live for internal (District) users and community Groups to use.

The remaining steps focus on getting new users up and running quickly and efficiently.