To verify that all imported district data about sites and spaces is correct before entering existing reservations.

As part of the on-boarding program, MasterLibrary support staff will post data imported from the district-supplied spreadsheets onto our secure servers within two business days. The primary District contact (usually the system Admin) will be notified via email that the data is uploaded and ready for testing.

Once the Admin is notified that district data has been posted:

  1. Log into ML Schedules™ Software using the link from the email.
  2. Have select District Users log into their new accounts to check site and space details using the View All filter with your District selected in the District  field.

To revise posted data or add a new space or User

If you spot an error in the posted data or need to enter a new space (or site or District User account):

  1. Log out of the test account and log into your Admin account.
  2. Select the desired command from the Admin drop-down menu based on the data you want to revise or add:
    • Edit sites and spaces
    • Edit User accounts
  3. Select the Save Information button after revising or adding data to the system.

MasterLibrary™ Implementation Call: 1 of 4

As part of your Basic on-boarding program, our support staff will schedule a conference call with the primary district contact to check your status and see if any adjustments need to be made to the schedule.