ML Schedules™ allows District Admin to enter and format their own Facility Usage Terms & Conditions content in the software. The Terms & Conditions content is displayed in a pop-up window if the user selects “View” in the Terms & Conditions agreement check box text at the bottom of the Facility Use Request screen.

In order to add, change or update your Terms & Conditions file you'll want to go to Admin > District Settings > District Admin, scroll down to the Terms & Conditions section and click on the "Choose File" button. Then, you will just choose the .PDF file you would like to upload. 

Items to Note:

1. For larger Terms & Conditions files, we recommend using the file upload instead of the text box. However, the text box is sufficient for small text. 

2. You will only choose one option, you can not use both options to display different information.

3. To update a file, you can just upload over the existing file (you do not have to remove the existing file first).